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Caribbean Galaxy Real Estate Corporation

Caribbean Galaxy Real Estate Corporation Registered in St Kitts and Nevis federal, investment projects covering Asia, Europe and America and the Caribbean and other countries and regions, mainly used in North America and the Caribbean, high-end residential and senior serviced apartment project development and construction. Self-owned professional construction team, has built the Angola's Africa cup main stadium project.

Our company in St Kitts created local amorous feelings of the Caribbean town project, with high-grade apartments, garden villas, pool villas, five-star resort hotel, much of the north American style building high-quality goods shopping plaza, business center, beach club, medical center, cultural park and fitness center, water park and other catering entertainment, business, leisure, tourism and vacation, will become the local noble resort after the completion of the new coordinates. 


SCC Sports Car Club 

SCC Sports Car Club is attracting more car lovers with its active and healthy image!By far, the club has exclusive clubs for its members in Beijing and has deep exchanges and cooperation with the AMC Auto Club of Monaco. It has continuously introduced advanced foreign club management experience to the country and provides members with the most exquisite and exclusive services. 

The SCC Sports Car Club has opened branches in many provinces, cities or regions across the country.For example:Car owners in 23 provinces and cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai, Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei, Liaoning, Shijiazhuang, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Guangxi can apply to join the SCC Sports Car Club. 


SCC VM is a high-end automotive service organization under the SCC Sports Car Club.The center will provide a series of services such as daily maintenance, professional servicing, high-end modification for luxury cars and sports cars and replacement and sales of second-hand luxury cars for the people from all walks of life and SCC members.

SCC VM is committed to providing the most professional, thoughtful, and best quality car repair and maintenance services for members and high-end car owners based on "high-end positioning" and "Quality Service".

Compared with ordinary 4S shops, SCC VM has obvious price advantages, and its excellent efficiency can save the maintenance time.One-stop pick-up service is provided for vehicles seeking for service in SCC VM.All testing equipment, tools and components and parts come from the original factory, so the quality is worry-off.

Our management concepts are professional, we own closed overhaul space and protect privacy of members as well as their cars.


It was incorporated in Hong Kong in December 2014, Donghai Transport Hong Kong CO. Ltd. is the main body, uniting with Anhe Shipping co., LTD. The enterprise is a comprehensive shipping enterprise, mainly engages in international ocean and China coastal related bulk transportation business with nickel ore, iron ore, aluminum powder, grain, coking coal and other bulk cargo.

The company is mainly engaged in bulk cargo transportation and charter service, the main ship type is 57,000 tons of large-size handy-type fleet, 70,000-ton Panama's fleet, and 170000 ton Capesize fleet.On the base of maintaining operational advantages of Philippines - China route, South American and American bay - far eastern route and Far East - Australia new route which possess market.

In recent years, our company's volume of goods transported of each year is more than 10 million deadweight tons (including TCT), the main business indicators are among the best in the industry. Our company has been the largest private shipping enterprise in mainland China. 


Zhongsheng Century Investment Consulting co.,ltd

Zhongsheng Century Investment and Consulting Ltd., founded in May 2014, is the exclusive agent of Galaxy Group in China selling Caribbean projects. Galaxy Group is in full control of it. 

Zhongsheng Century has maintained close cooperation with more than 640 well-known enterprises' channels at home and abroad, covering law office, immigration company, family wealth management group, etc.. It has a stable market and the ability to succeed in the sales in Caribbean.


Hongyi International Trade HK Co., Ltd

Hongyi International Trade HK Co., Ltd., founded in 2015 and registered in HongKong, is undertaking bulk commodity trade like mineral products, mainly focusing on the import trade of laterite nickel ore with Philippines, Indonesia, etc..

With the stable and high-quality mine resources, a safe and reliable shipping fleet, and outstanding professionals, the company can meet the needs of different customer groups and provide the longest-term quality service.


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